Alterium Shift: A Fresh Addition to the Retro-Inspired RPG Landscape

  • Felix Langford
  • Jul 09, 2023
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Alterium Shift: A Fresh Addition to the Retro-Inspired RPG Landscape

The game world has been experiencing a revival in Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) style Role-Playing Games(RPGs), with a slew of titles providing refreshing retro hits. The latest addition to this growing library is Alterium Shift, a visually captivating RPG with features reminiscent of the venerated Octopath Traveler while also introducing some fresh gaming elements of its own.

Alterium Shift manages to quench the appetites of vintage gaming fans who may still crave an experience similar to or superior to other notable throwback RPGs like Octopath Traveler. The dynamic design allows players to choose from three distinct protagonists, each possessing unique attributes that can be utilized in both combat scenarios and exploration across the wonderfully constructed pixelated universe.

The immersive world of Alterium Shift, where gamers can embark on adventures, includes playable heroes such as the valiant warrior Pyra, skilled archer Atlas, and resourceful mage Sage. Given their diverse capabilities and specialties, these characters offer rich and varied gameplay experiences to players throughout their journey within this RPG.

Choices in Alterium Shift are not skin-deep either. The game highlights an intriguing branching narrative, indicating your selection out of the available protagonists could sway the game's progression. Thus amplifying another layer of engagement as player choices could potentially influence narrative arcs and story outcomes, further enriching this nostalgic gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Alterium Shift arrives as a refreshing addition amidst retro-styled RPGs catering to fans of classics like Octopath Traveler. By successfully combining familiar tones with innovative elements such as multiple heroes and a branching storyline, it paves its unique space at the crossways of old-school charm and modern novelty within the gaming industry.

Continuing the vintage feel, Alterium Shift adopts a 2.5D perspective much like Octopath Traveler. This aesthetic design results in two-dimensional characters that spring to life from a more three-dimensional world, creating an immersive storybook-like environment to captivate players. Every aspect of the game, from charming low-poly monsters to blocky user interfaces, aims toward reviving classic gaming nostalgia.

The touch of classicism does not end there; it extends into the core gameplay ethos as well. Following a distinct page from the conventional RPG scheme, Alterium Shift deploys turn-based combat that bears a resemblance to legendary titles like Grandia, Final Fantasy X, or Blue Dragon. The game integrates strategic elements such as exploiting enemies' elemental weaknesses to turn challenging battles in your favor.

Currently already accessible for early access on Steam at £17/$20 and offering an attractive early-bird discount of 20%, gamers can explore the worlds of Pyra, Atlas, and Sage now. However, it should be noted that Alterium Shift is estimated to come out of its early access phase in late 2023 or possibly early 2024 with notable enhancements lined up.

The developers guarantee forthcoming improvements, including configurable player controls, walkable world maps for exploration, and the addition of a bestiary for an expanded scope of creatures encountered during gameplay. Also touted are additional settings (like CRT effects) and battle enhancements, along with other user-friendly features expected in the final version of Alterium Shift.

In conclusion, Alterium Shift successfully mixes nostalgic gameplay features with some novel ideas within its current half-complete version. Promising a gamut of further enhancements both visually and gameplay-wise before its official release, this retro-inspired RPG provides both old-school gamers and new adventurers a remarkable journey into its stunning pixelated realms.

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