Hitman Freelancer Launching Later This Month

  • Felix Langford
  • Jan 13, 2023
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Hitman Freelancer Launching Later This Month

IO Interactive has announced that the Hitman World of Assassins will soon be enhanced by a new Freelancer mode, launching later this month. The mode aims to challenge players and push them to take control of their own missions in an exciting and dynamic way. With new gear management as well as investigative work, Hitman is taking its latest step into becoming one of the most advanced stealth games on the market. 

Players will take on their missions from the Safehouse, where they can gather information about the mission before loading out with their chosen equipment for what lies ahead. It means weighing up risks vs. rewards; should you carry limited equipment but risk being caught if anything goes wrong? Or should you bring more gear at the expense of maneuverability? Players must use new tactics and strategies never before seen in Hitman titles if they are to complete their assassination goals successfully. 

Along with these changes, IO also released a launch trailer that gave gamers further insight into what awaits them when Freelancer launches later this month, on January 26th, 2023. If there ever was a time to jump into Murderer Simulator territory, then it's now! Stealth lovers & aspiring assassins alike will no doubt be gearing up already for when they get hands-on with this much-anticipated release from IO Interactive. They aren't done shaking things up just yet - we just have to wait till Friday, the 26th, before discovering what else awaits us! 

To conclude, HITMAN FREELANCER is set to cause quite a stir within gaming communities across platforms, offering something completely different that transcends genre boundaries like never seen before - thrilling players not only via complete assassin contracts but also by having freedom within customizing your loadout plus investigative work all adding extra layers onto gameplay making it more engaging than ever before!

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