Instagram Empowers Users with New Content Control Features and Creator Transparency Tools

  • Celeste Melville
  • Jun 03, 2023
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Instagram Empowers Users with New Content Control Features and Creator Transparency Tools

Instagram is stepping up its game by testing new features that give users greater control over their content and improve transparency for creators. Users will soon have the ability to select an "Interested" button on recommended posts, informing the app about their preferences and tailoring their feed accordingly. With this new control, users can better adjust the content they see on the social network.

The "Interested" button is an addition to Instagram's current personalization controls, including the "Not Interested" option for suggested posts and the ability to snooze recommendations. Another exciting development is the experimentation of transparency notifications for creators. These notifications will help creators understand when the reach of their content, like Reels, may be limited due to watermarks, a prevalent issue when TikTok content is reposted on the platform.

Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, announced these new features in a blog post addressing transparency in the app's algorithm and ranking processes. He debunked the popular notion of "shadowbanning," where users believe their content is hidden without an explanation. Mosseri emphasized that Instagram's business model relies on creators reaching their audiences, thus driving engagement, and not on suppressing content to encourage ad purchases.

Last December, Instagram expanded its Account Status hub, helping businesses and creators understand if their content is eligible for recommendations to non-followers in places like Explore, Reels, and Feed Recommendations. Mosseri further stated that the company plans to add more transparency tools to the Account Status in the future. He also detailed how content is ranked in various parts of the app, explaining the factors influencing the Feed, Stories, Explore page, and Reels.

This update for more precise content control and creator transparency is Instagram's response to user concerns and the ever-changing social media landscape. The company continually adapts to user preferences and creator needs as they strive to maintain a healthy ecosystem on the platform. With these new features and growing transparency tools, Instagram promises a more engaging and personalized experience for users and creators alike.

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