Nintendo Switch Sports to Get the Major Update after a Massive Bug

  • Felix Langford
  • Oct 24, 2022
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Nintendo Switch Sports to Get the Major Update after a Massive Bug

Nintendo Switch Sports, a simulator released this spring, has been down for a while in October because of an unpleasant bug that caused it to stop. But fans didn’t have much time to suffer and complain. Now, Nintendo releases an update which not only fixes the bug but also adds some visual change, though not significant.

The problem that started in October caused the game to crash at loading. The long-awaited game which continues the iconic Wii series was released in April 2022 and became one of the most popular on Nintendo Switch almost immediately. Its super-lightweight take on bowling, tennis, soccer, badminton, volleyball, and chambira swordplay got it numerous fans many of which remember the series from earlier consoles by Nintendo. The more disappointing it was for them to be unable to play.

To address the issue, Nintendo temporarily disabled its Sports servers, making it unplayable for some time until it issued a patch on October 18. The first patch addressing it, though, didn’t fully succeed. Initially, it was planned to enable save data backup for players, and, while this part of the work was done, fixing the bug was harder. So, Nintendo had to release the Ver.1.2.3 patch to fix this bug again the next day.

Now, the servers are reportedly back online, and the second patch seems to have done the work. The only visible update, though, is the rearranged Accessories section. Though it’s looking different now, this, according to Nintendo, should not influence the gameplay in any way.

If you are a Nintendo Switch Sports player, have you experienced this bug? Did the patch fix it for you? What do you think about this game in general, and have you played earlier Wii Sports installments? If so, if you love these good old games like we do, let’s have a nostalgia party in the comments!


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