Squarespace Acquires Google Domains, Safeguarding the Service's Future

  • Celeste Melville
  • Jun 18, 2023
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Squarespace Acquires Google Domains, Safeguarding the Service's Future

In a surprising move, Google has decided to sell its domain registration service Google Domains, to the popular website building and hosting platform, Squarespace. Launched in 2014, Google Domains offered a simple and efficient way for users to purchase and manage domain names. While many may have anticipated Google shutting down the service, the decision to sell it instead brings a sense of relief and continuity for its users.

Squarespace announced its acquisition of Google Domains' assets on June 15, confirming that it will take over the management of about 10 million customer domains previously hosted by the service. Though it is stated that Google Domains will be winding down, Squarespace ensures a smooth transition period to avoid causing any major disruptions for existing customers and the services they rely on.

To show appreciation for current Google Domains users, Squarespace has committed to honoring all existing renewal rates for at least 12 months following the deal's closure, which is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2023. Additionally, it has been announced that Squarespace, a long-time reseller of Google Workspace, will become the exclusive domain provider for any customer buying a domain alongside their Google Workspace subscription, lasting for a minimum of three years.

This acquisition comes despite Google Domains finally exiting its beta phase in 2022 after an extensive eight-year period. The sale to Squarespace highlights a rare instance of Google opting for a strategic business move rather than simply discontinuing a service, as has been witnessed with various other Google products in the past.

In conclusion, the purchase of Google Domains by Squarespace presents an optimistic outlook for the service and its users. By ensuring a smooth transition and commitment to honoring renewal rates, Squarespace demonstrates its dedication to providing continuous, quality service to both existing and prospective customers. As Google Domains embarks on this new journey under Squarespace's management, users can anticipate a stable and well-supported experience as they continue to grow their online presence.

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