Starfield's Unorthodox Hero: The Gun-Bashing Maverick Who Beat the Game Without Firing a Shot

  • Felix Langford
  • Nov 24, 2023
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Starfield's Unorthodox Hero: The Gun-Bashing Maverick Who Beat the Game Without Firing a Shot

In the expansive universe of Starfield, inventive players find unique ways to traverse the cosmos and tackle challenges. Recently, one particularly daring player turned heads by completing Bethesda's sprawling RPG in a most unconventional manner—by using their firearm as a blunt instrument rather than a shooting device. This peculiar playstyle has not only caught the attention of the gaming community but also highlighted the game's versatile mechanics.

From the outset, the player, known by their YouTube handle Causal Loop, laid out a clear set of rules for their offbeat endeavor. They restricted their combat to gun bashes, shunned the assistance of companions unless mandated by the narrative, and maintained the difficulty setting at 'Normal'. In space, however, the players allowed themselves to engage in the usual dogfights and ship-to-ship combat. Embarking on this journey, the player crafted a character reminiscent of Fallout: New Vegas's iconic gunslinger, Joshua Graham, humorously named Goshua Jam and wisely selected the 'Bounty Hunter' class for its advantageous Booster Pack.

The player's ingenuity was evident in their strategic selection of gear and skills. They started out agile with a pistol, the best choice for rapid gun bashing. Crucially, the player discovered that their unique combat method didn't deplete their oxygen, a relief compared to the mechanics of Fallout. The acquisition of the Mantis armor, which enhances damage after a head impact and auto-deploys Medpacks when health dips low, was a game-changer. This first elite armor set proved invaluable, significantly bolstering the player’s survivability.

The path wasn't without its trials. The story mission 'The Old Neighborhood' tested the limits of the player's strategy, as they faced a barrage of enemies with nothing but their trusty pistol. Despite the odds, the player prevailed, a testament to their tenacity and the unexpected effectiveness of the gun-bashing technique. Later, fortune smiled upon the player as they stumbled upon a pistol that not only doubled gun bash damage but also had a chance to make enemies drop Medpacks upon defeat. This find paved the way for a smoother journey, even allowing for skill point investment in 'Wellness' to further increase health.

The player's run was not just about surviving but thriving in a game not designed for such a playstyle. The Brute Force shotgun, acquired during the 'Red Mile' mission, was another boon, delivering heavier damage at the cost of speed. The player's approach became a dance of dodging and striking, exploiting the game's mechanics to interrupt enemy actions and maintain the upper hand. They demonstrated that, even in a game as expansive and complex as Starfield, players can carve out their own path to victory.

In retrospect, the player reflected that their gun-bashing escapade, while not overly challenging, had its difficult moments. The final boss posed the greatest threat, but with the Mantis armor and a stockpile of Medpacks, even this hurdle was eventually overcome. This run exemplifies the rich possibilities within Starfield and the ingenuity of its player base. It's not the difficulty of the challenge that stands out but the dedication and creativity it takes to see such a unique strategy through to the end. In a universe of infinite possibilities, sometimes it's the unconventional methods that make for the most memorable adventures.

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