WhatsApp's Next Move: Incorporation of Passkeys for Enhanced Security

  • Celeste Melville
  • Aug 09, 2023
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WhatsApp's Next Move: Incorporation of Passkeys for Enhanced Security

WhatsApp, the world-leading messaging application, seems to be upping the ante when it comes to app security. A new update released to beta channel testers – version – was recently seen on Google Play Store, with hints of the app potentially enabling future support for passkeys. If actualized, this would mean an elevated level of safety for its enormous user base.

Notably, a screen was found within the aforementioned update, touting passkeys as a "simple way to sign in safely." This suggests that WhatsApp is actively investing in user security, coherently placing it at the forefront of its developmental agenda. The noteworthy aspect of the feature implies that users' WhatsApp passkeys will likely be harbored within the Google Password Manager.

To make the feature operational, users may need to match it with existing security protocols. This could mean either scanning a fingerprint or your face or alternatively using the specific screen lock method you’ve set up previously. It seems that the implementation of passkeys is set to work in conjunction with pre-existing security measures, presenting a more robust protective shield for user data.

Though it is yet to be officially confirmed, this promising new feature seems set to advance WhatsApp's offering to its users. It is clear that the messaging giant is laser-focused on delivering robust security and protection to its global user base, reinforcing trust and commitment in an increasingly digital world.

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