Hearts Of Iron 4: Best Tank Designs For Every Strategy

  • Celeste Melville
  • Jun 06, 2023
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Hearts Of Iron 4: Best Tank Designs For Every Strategy

In the world of Hearts of Iron 4, where the game's central focus is World War II, tanks serve as an essential key to many battles and strategies. With numerous tank designs available, players can customize their tanks to fit specific needs and playstyles. Here, we're giving you our top five tank designs in Hearts of Iron 4 to help you achieve victory on the virtual battlefield.

1. Medium Cannon Buster

The Medium Cannon Buster is a tank design that strikes a perfect balance between firepower and mobility. Replacing the Tiger template's Small Cannons with a Medium Cannon as its main armament, this design is perfect for players who want to outmaneuver their opponents without sacrificing too much firepower. Thanks to its Torque Bar (Suspension) and Riveted Armor (Armor Type), the Medium Cannon Buster has excellent Reliability and Breakthrough, making it ideal for long-term engagements on the battlefield.

2. Heavy Flame Tank Supremacy

Heavy Flame Tank Supremacy

For players who prefer a more defensive approach, the Heavy Flame Tank Supremacy design should be your go-to option. This design builds on the already intimidating Flame Tank Division by adding Grosstraktor A as a base and opting for Armor Skirts (Special Features) instead of a Flamethrower. This setup results in an impressive increase in Breakthrough while maintaining the tank's ability to wreak havoc on enemy rear lines.

3. Soft Giant

If your focus is on battling AI opponents, the Soft Giant is an excellent choice. Based on the Panzer IV, this design capitalizes on the Medium Tank's speed for better maneuverability across the battlefield. Although the Soft Giant's Small Cannons are limited, the added Radio and additional Ammunition Storage help increase its Reliability and Breakthrough, allowing it to excel against AI opponents despite its relatively low Soft Attack.

4. Super Marine

When it comes to enhancing a Division's survivability, the Super Marine tank design is the way to go. This design uses a Neubaufahrzeug and focuses on improving the Infantry squad rather than solely on the tank. Armor Skirts (Special Features), Riveted Armor (Armor Type), Auto Cannon (Main Armament), and Two-Man Turret (Turret) all contribute to a well-rounded tank that can significantly boost a Division's combat potential.

5. Maximized Efficiency

For players who want the best of both worlds, the Maximized Efficiency tank design is an excellent choice. Using a Crusader as a base, this design includes a Three-Man Turret (Turret), Small Cannon (Main Armament), Improved Radio and Easy Maintenance (Special Features), Riveted Armor (Armor), and Interleaved Roadwheels (Suspension). Although its Hard Attack is not the best, the combination of Soft Attack, Max Speed, and decent defense make it a formidable force on the battlefield.

Conclusion: The Best Tank Design in Hearts of Iron 4

The Best Tank Design in Hearts of Iron 4

After considering the users' reviews and gameplay experience, it's clear that the Medium Cannon Buster is the standout winner amongst the five tank designs listed above. Its versatility, mobility, and firepower make it an excellent choice for players looking to dominate the battlefield in Hearts of Iron 4. With this tank design on your side, you'll be well-equipped to outsmart and overpower your opponents in the game's intense combat scenarios.

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