Unveiling the Dilemma: To Cure Antonia in 'Lies of P' or Not?

  • Felix Langford
  • Sep 21, 2023
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Unveiling the Dilemma: To Cure Antonia in 'Lies of P' or Not?

Exploring the dark depths of 'Lies of P,' a new Soulslike game, we find ourselves in a turbulent sea of choices that shape the game's narrative and determine the fate of its characters. One such compelling choice involves Antonia, a character suffering from the Petrification Disease, and whether or not to administer a possible cure. This article aims to dissect the pros and cons of this significant decision in the game, giving you a detailed insight into the repercussions of your choice.

Understanding the Petrification Disease and Antonia's Struggle

In the bloody, somber world of Krat City depicted in 'Lies of P', Antonia is a character who stands out from the start due to her affliction with the Petrification Disease. This mysterious illness is characterized by the manifestation of blue scales and petrification, ultimately turning its victims into monstrous entities. Antonia, despite suffering from the disease, has been a beacon of hope for survivors, establishing Hotel Krat as a sanctuary amidst the chaos.

Throughout the game, Antonia's battle with the disease becomes increasingly apparent. Her wheelchair-bound state, along with an IV line administering medication, paints a grim picture. The right side of her face is covered in blue scales, a clear indication of her deteriorating condition. Despite the concerted efforts of the city's alchemists, a cure seems elusive, and the disease continues to ravage the city, with Antonia among its victims.

The Journey to Discover Antonia's Cure

As Pinocchio, the puppet created by Geppetto, players are tasked with navigating through the game's narrative and making crucial decisions that impact the storyline. One such pivotal decision involves Antonia and whether or not to administer a potential cure for her disease. The quest for a cure for Antonia's condition presents itself midway through the game, leading to a significant choice for Pinocchio to make.

Initially, Polendina, a character in the game, discusses the possibility of finding a cure for Antonia's disease with Pinocchio. This conversation triggers a quest that could potentially lead to a cure. However, the journey to the cure is not straightforward and requires Pinocchio to lie to both Polendina and Antonia, increasing his humanity with each lie he tells. It's crucial to note that a truth-only playthrough does not present the option to cure Antonia.

Deciding Antonia's Fate: Cure or No Cure

Upon obtaining the cure from Giangio, another character in the game, the player, as Pinocchio, is faced with the critical decision of whether to administer the cure to Antonia or let her disease run its natural course. This choice presents both tangible and intangible effects, shaping the storyline and determining Antonia's fate.

Opting to cure Antonia results in the achievement of "The Story of the Refined Old Lady" and a collectible record, adding a sense of accomplishment and reward to the player's game. This choice also prolongs Antonia's life, allowing her to interact with Pinocchio and the other characters for a while longer, giving her hope and solace despite her condition. However, it's worth noting that the cure cannot reverse the damage already caused by the disease, and Antonia will eventually succumb to it.

On the other hand, deciding not to cure Antonia accelerates her demise, depriving the player of the achievement or collectible associated with her cure. While a truth-only run dictates this path, it may feel like a missed opportunity considering the depth of character development and narrative richness that the quest for the cure offers.

Final Thoughts: Antonia's Cure and the Moral Compass in 'Lies of P'

In conclusion, the choice of whether to cure Antonia in 'Lies of P' presents a complex moral dilemma for the player. It's a decision that transcends the boundaries of gameplay, delving into the realm of ethical choices and humanity. Regardless of the path chosen, the game reinforces the notion that every choice has consequences, shaping the narrative and character evolution in unique ways.

Ultimately, the decision to cure Antonia or not significantly impacts the player's experience, offering a deeper understanding of the game's characters and the world they inhabit. Whether driven by the pursuit of achievements and collectibles or the desire to shape the narrative, the choice to cure Antonia in 'Lies of P' is one that defines the game's moral compass and its exploration of humanity.

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