Capcom Developing New Mega Man Games

  • Felix Langford
  • Dec 04, 2022
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Capcom Developing New Mega Man Games

For over three decades, the iconic video game character Mega Man has been beloved by many fans. Despite the long-running series, however, there has been a lack of new entries in the franchise over the past couple of years, with the only wholly new title being 2018's Mega Man 11. Now, a new report from an insider claims that Capcom is developing three new Mega Man games.

According to the report, Capcom is working on three separate projects tied to the Mega Man series. As of now, the nature of these games has yet to be revealed, but it is speculated that Capcom could look to hold a showcase event in the future to mark the 35th anniversary of the original Mega Man game, which launched in December 1987. Additionally, the report suggests that the three new games are independent from the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which is set to release in 2023.

While there is still much speculation surrounding the development of these new Mega Man games, fans of the classic video game series can rest assured that Capcom is hard at work on something. With the 35th anniversary of the original game coming up, it will be interesting to see what the publisher has in store for the beloved character.

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